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The smile intern Experence with Alfa

I am Maneesh singh . I am 20 years old and belong to Uttar Pradesh.I
am pursuing my graduation in Science steram from University of Delhi.
I worked with Alfa education society from 14Dec to 31st Dec.I came
here as an intern under Pravah a NGO in new delhi.I taught
mahtematics, science and computer science . It was a great experience
to devwelop my teaching skills asa well as communication skills. I was
appriciated by students and they also co-operated me. I always tried
to put my 100%^ efforts.I also taught tribal children near Kherwara
village.. They were very excited about the way I taught them.They were
intelligent and obedient. I taught them matematics , english and moral
education. My hard work was resulted in a good change in the
intelluctual level of students.I want say about Pathan Bhai . he was
very much willing to learn English.at  this stage.
                By the i footed in kherwara village. the people here
were very helpful.I did not feel  like I am away from home. I have
learnt about communism as well as iI tried to understand people
mentality of all communities here.I would like to thanks to Mr. Lokesh
Kalal CEO of Alfa Education Society.He always encouraging. I got a lot
knowledge about society and issue .He provided me good
accomodation,food and other facilities. I would like to thanks to Mr.
Kaishbarg, Vasim, Tushar,Malng,Pandit,Moin Khan,Sultan, Mehul .they
all made my work entertaining and easy for me.

Special thanks to,
All villagers and Fulla ji.
I will miss u all.

Maneesh Singh
HansRaj College
University of Delhi

The smile intern Experence with Alfa

Hello everybody!! I am Rohit Singh. I belong to Ghazipur in the eastern part of Uttar Pradesh but born and brought up in the beautiful city of Guwahati (Assam).I passed my engineering (Electrical & Electronics) from Ghaziabad (U.P) in the year 2011.Before sharing my experience, I would like to make a few points clear that would justify my motto behind coming for this wonderful rural internship programme:
1)      Right from my childhood, I have been very proud of my India. Its vast diversity seduced me a lot and I always cherished a desire to explore its diversity. I always desired of identifying myself with each and every Indian irrespective of his/her caste, sex, religion, region etc and the very internship played a very short but very vital role in this regard.
2)      I want to give back something to the society, to the country. I want to bring about a change in the society either by joining the civil services or through constructive and good politics. But before doing so, I feel it’s very necessary to understand the ground realities and experience the problems/issues at the grassroot level of the society and the country as a whole.
3)      To widen my world view and understand issues from different perspectives

                                                                    As a part of the SMILE internship programme of Pravah, I was placed at ALFA Educational Society in the beautiful village of Karawara, Kherwara, Udaipur, Rajasthan. For me, the internship was an awesome one which gave me a wonderful feeling which is inexplicable. The exposure gave me a golden opportunity to explore myself and to come out of my comfort zone.
                                                                   ALFA Educational Society basically works in the areas of child education and communalism. It is doing a very commendable work and that too, on self support basis. During my stay there, my job was basically confined to documenting, interviewing people and teaching English grammar to the youths and the children of the villages. The overall internship was a perfect blend of work, fun and adventure. The youths and the people of the locality were very warm and friendly which made the internship a memorable one. The place was like a second home to me. The outskirt of the village was a scenic beauty with hilly forests and ponds that acted as a symbol of serenity. I interacted a lot with the youths of the villages and we also shared one’s thoughts with each other. Those interactions and discussions helped me in knowing the ground realities of the villages and understanding the issues through their eyes. I made many new friends and relationships in those few days. Interacting with people like Pathan (an electrical mechanic) and Kantibhai (a tea stall owner) was full of fun.
                                                                I am very grateful to my mentor Mr.Lokesh Kalal who tried his best to make me feel comfortable and guided me throughout the internship. He was very supportive of my work and always kept on encouraging me like an elder brother. It is often said that every human being is selfish by nature but when I looked forward to Lokesh, I was forced to give that saying a second thought. His organization has no external funding yet; he is working on an issue as sensitive as communalism which many well established NGOs refrain from laying their hands on. Although, I found that ALFA lacked some professionalism and the working there was not structured but I am quite hopeful that once it starts receiving funds, it would function in a more professional and better way. Last but not the least, I wish ALFA huge success in every endeavor of theirs.   
                                                                         ALL THE BEST!!
                                                Rohit Singh, a SMILE intern from Pravah (December, 2011 Batch)

Organizational Profile

ALFA educational society
Vpo –karawara ,Tehsil –kherewara,Dist.- Udaipur

Organizational Profile


Democracy is often seen as the most effective form of governance and the word simply means a government by the people, for the people and of the people. India is considered to be one of the most successful democracies in the world. India achieved its independence on 15th August 1947. On 26th January 1950, Indian republic and constitution came into force. It was clearly stated in the constitution that India was to be a Democratic Republic.
However, as we look around, we often see a scenario around us where violence, mutual disputes, communal riots, instability and human-rights issues have become global problems, severely affecting the public oriented matters of debate, consequently, masking the very problem of the day and shifting the focus elsewhere.  It would not wrong to say that in our country democracy is being openly misused today. We are, today, living in a country where people with deliberate intentions of spreading violence and disturbances are successful in their aim. Surprisingly, the attitude of our government and its authorities, on the other hand, towards these problems and towards local initiative by the youth on peace and harmony is not only lax and irresponsible but also questionable.
The globalization of culture that is taking place in today’s world is perhaps
nowhere more visible than in the changing nature of the relationship between the world’s youth and their sense of identity. Youth are seen as the part of society that is most likely to engage in a process of cultural borrowing that is disruptive of the reproduction of traditional cultural practices, from modes of dress to language, aesthetics and ideologies.
Youth subcultures are seen as being implicitly rebellious, born as much from a desire to reject the generation that went before them, as from identification with what they have become. The age of globalization, more than any other age before it, is an age that has both exerted great effects upon, and been greatly affected by, young people.
It is unfortunate that in the Villages,smaller cities and towns the collective community groups and their leaders who gather the unemployed youth under the pretext of saving our culture are contaminating the atmosphere in the country. These young people are not only misguided, but encouraged to move further in the direction of spreading fear and hatred among people, which in turn, shall ruin their lives.
The individuals, organizations, community heads with the intention of misguiding the younger generation in our country  are often successful in diverting the minds of people from the most important question of the basic rights of the ordinary people. The quality of education is deteriorating in the government schools day by day. The situation is the same in all the sections of government offices. The youngsters who complete their education in villages or in smaller cities have very few job opportunities at their hand. Some of these young men leave for bigger cities like Ahmedabad,surat,mehsana,Kuwait, dubai and Mumbai where, with whatever little qualification or no-qualifications they have where they work  at construstion-sites, agriculture-laboursin,pizza delivery service, big bazaar etc. Where would this situation lead the generation of youth which is our most powerful resource ? Are their futures secure enough? Will these mislead youth really lead us towards the shining and powerful India that our politicians often proclaim to be reaching? It is through questions like these that people first came together at “saanjha-manch” of  ALFA  in search of a common platform.

ALFA Educational society


We, ALFA, believe that if a proper medium for interaction can be developed among the youth, it will make life better for many people and bring about a significant social change. We endeavor to bring together the youth in Kherwada-block of Udaipur and make an effort to bring an awareness about the society they live in; its social, economic and political issues. The organization believes that art, culture, educational institutions and other such public platforms are the best medium to share our views and thoughts and indeed, we have had enriching experiences with different mediums so far. Therefore, our main medium in this initiative will be books,Sports events, cinema, theatre, discussions, peace marches, and also workshops that target specific problems of the society. We are constantly making an effort to understand the various problems and questions faced by the ordinary masses in Kherwada-block of Udaipur and the places nearby.
We have discussions on different issues and try to include as many people as possible in creating a public discourse. We have also been trying to raise various issues including steps needed to prevent the spreading of communalism in the society and to increase harmony and peace in the society. We have been consulting the prominent people and organizations that are already working in this field so that their experiences may be useful in our efforts.
ALFA  is working in the direction of starting a dialogue and interaction among the youth in Kherwada-block of Udaipur and the surrounding areas to make possible the culture of working together on socially relevant issues. We believe that the youth must continuously strive to improve their condition of life and at the same time also fulfill their responsibilities towards the society so that all the basic facilities needed to build up a better society can be provided for.  Everyone should get the things of basic requirement necessary for survival. Everyone should get justice through a democratic process. We also feel that people should come forward and speak on the problems created in the society in the name of religion, caste and creed these days.  Hardly any concrete steps are being taken to deal with these problems of the society; therefore, we constantly try to raise these issues through the cultural medium. Our medium for this is culture, arts and films. We also try to pose and question the problem of inequality based on caste, area and religion among the masses.


ALFA  first came into existence in December 2006 through the common interest of young men and women from diverse social and educational backgrounds who were bound together by a common cause and enthusiasm, and were working in the direction of social and political awareness. We all shared a common feeling that there is a great need for a healthy atmosphere and a platform for the “thinking youth” in Villages and towns like Karawada Panchayat of Kherwada-block  in  Udaipur ( India ) to

Background of the organization

Alfa Educational Society has been working in Kherwara (P) Block since its inception in 2006. It has been implementing activities focused on Health, Education, Youth & Child Development, Women Empowerment and Panchayati Raj. The organization has started its working by opening a school in Ambasa, to fulfill the educational needs of children in the village who otherwise had no such facility in the village. Slowly, the organization widened its area of operation and thrust areas to meet out the developmental needs of the people. Presently, we are working in 30 villages of Udaipur district.

The organization is facilitating right-based and people-cantered development approach. It promotes and protects the rights of children through various field interventions and through different networks of like-minded organizations. It encourages the formation and strengthening of children groups viz; Bal Sathidar Manch, in villages to bring them in the mainstream development and to enhance their participation in village development.  In the proposed project we will meet the emerging needs and the socio-economic development of the deprived sections of the society living in the remote and inaccessible area. The activities are designed to sensitize the beneficiaries and enable them to participate in identifying and addressing their needs to sustain the progress of development.

Given this context, ALFA submits this proposal that is based on the premise that Strengthening Bal Sathidar Manch for involving children of project villages on child right issues related Survival, Development, Protection and Participation to make an podium where these children can incorporate the feeling of ownership and sensitization among people of target group.  


      Karawada & Pahada Panchayat  of Kherwada-block in Udaipur (Raj. INDIA)


Lokesh, Zahid ,Ganesh ,Taslima, Kailash , Hidayat ,Rekha, Kamlesh,Rajendra ,Shailendra & Amrit,.


Shailendra P. Singh
Imran Khan
Mohsin Khan
Jayesh Solanki
Preeti bhogal